Kulessa & Associates

Tube & Pipe-Technology

Kulessa & Associates provides expert services to international seamless pipe producers. Such expert services include technical and commercial support for the different technologies supplied by the current plant makers like SMS Meer, Danieli Centro Tube, TZCE Taiyuan Tongze, TZ Taiyuan Heavy and EZTM or even supplied earlier by plant makers not existing any more.

The technical expert service covers the complete plant machinery and technology:
billet cutting saws
rotary hearth furnaces
cross roll piercing mills(cone type CTP® or barrel type piercer SWW®)*
elongators (PQF®, FQM®, TRCM®, CPE®, Push bench, Assel, Diescher, Accu-Roll®, Pilger)*
shell reheating furnaces
sizing or stretch reducing mills
rotary hot saws or flying saws
cooling beds
pipe cutting saws and layer cutting saws
straightening machines

The commercial expert service includes:
estimation of investment costs
feasibility studies
calculation of operational costs

Kulessa & Associates employs international engineers with decades of experience in the field of seamless tube mills as well as experts in technology and economics.

Please contact us for any service or assistance you need for installation of a new plant or modernization/upgrade of your existing mill.

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