Kulessa & Associates


Kulessa & Associates believes in the necessity of a sustainable lifestyle.

Therefore we are offering a variety of environment friendly technologies and services to make our planet a better place. On this way we are working with international companies such as CSM Centro Sviluppo Materiali and TZCE Taiyuan Tongze.

Our way towards an environment friendly lifestyle is driven by waste valorization and waste inertization. It is based on using waste to recover energy and converting toxic waste into a nontoxic inert material.

To convert hazardous waste into energy and “clean” reusable material the waste is converted in a process based on pyrolysis. The valuable syngas created in this step can be used to create electric energy and keep the pyrolysis process running. Producing energy from waste is being considered one of the most important markets in the future.

Possible markets for this technology are the recycling of cars and the recycling of oily sludge. It is possible to recycle the non-metal parts of cars that are unused in their traditional recycling process. These parts of cars are called ASR auto shredder residue or “car fluff”. Through a patented self-sustaining advanced gasification process the waste can be separated and transformed into valuable syngas and solid residue, which can be treated according to its composition. In case of toxic components the residue can be treated in a plasma inertization process.

Through our experts we are able offer everything from the basic technology to the final machine. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing machinery or licensing the technology.